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Racecar Fans is a different type of chapter from most FMCA groups.

We do not hold rallies. We don’t normally have planned trips. We don’t even always sit together at the various races. We have infrequent chapter business meeting. Instead we meet up at racetracks where we share meals and/or socials, while buying our own tickets and campsites. We also serve as researchers for chapter members who may want to attend a race at a track where they have not been before, and they need inside knowledge about where are the preferred locations for seats and RV sites, along with how to get them.



Back to live Racing

Back to live Racing today in Darlington at 12:30 PM Pacific time. Should be some great racing with no prior practice or qualifying. The start should be exciting.


For questions about Racecar Fans Chapter of FMCA contact:

President – Rusty La Barre, fflb46@yahoo.com – Phone (443) 350-3234

Web Coordinator – Paul Mitchell, palibs@aol.com – Phone (209) 815-1837